Communicating through design;
As a strategic designer, I believe that Design concerns itself with the tangible experience of seeing, desiring, obtaining and using products or spaces. The best design succeeds by defining the user’s emotional connection to the object or to the space.


Global businesses increasingly appreciate how design and design thinking can provide them with high-level, strategic value and competitive advantage. In an intensely competitive market, with ever more diverse and demanding customers, executives are often left unsure of exactly what products, communications and services to develop for what segments of the market.


By having both inclination and an exceptional ability to analyze business objectives and to develop creative strategies for communicating with my clients’ intended audience through design, to achieve a deliberate and desired effect. In developing a design project based on market strategy, I investigate the business environment, industry trends, emerging technology trends, customer segmentation, market dynamics, and customer requirements, to pinpoint what is needed to create successful products and product marketing strategies for the client. My service to clients begins with initial strategic and conceptual design, and continues through to the detailed implementation of production. My methodology integrates the essential aspects of esthetics, human factors, technical factors and business factors at every step.


A key factor in my success is my ability to key my design strategy not only to esthetic and ergonomic considerations, but also to my clients’ brand identities understood within specific cultures and contexts. One of my recent projects that emphasize my vision is the one for San Pellegrino Water Company.  I created several product designs for the primary purposes of enhancing San Pellegrino’s prestige, attracting the attention of consumers and influencing the company’s position in its industry. After careful research, including interviews with senior company executives, visits to San Pellegrino factories in both Northern and Southern Italy, and analysis of the development of the company’s brand from its inception, I developed an innovative line of products that resonated with Italian cultural practices surrounding water drinking; My designs created a new user experience for consumers and reinforced the company’s brand identity. Similarly, I developed a product for Nike on the occasion of the Mondial games that drew upon fans’ enthusiasm for their football (soccer) teams, and fused that enthusiasm with the Nike brand. In each example, I applied careful research, cultural sensitivity and a sharp business sensibility to create a unique object that was tailored to its target market. In each case, I developed a design that embodied the client’s brand and contextualized it within the daily lives of consumers, transforming and strengthening the brand and differentiating the client from its competitors.


My aptitude is to continue bringing new ideas to life using my strategic approach to design, my ability to research, analyze and understand users’ cultures, values and daily lives, and my willingness to redefine problems and create systemic, human-centered solutions. Those together with my creativity, has attracted the attention of top executives of leading companies in a variety of sectors with whom I have been working and will continue to do develop new business success in the future.


Dana Avrish
President & CEO