Dana Avrish is a designer who has gained international recognition for cutting-edge design innovation in a variety of design disciplines. What distinguishes her from the vast majority of designers is not only her extraordinary creativity and innovation, but her aptitude for developing designs that are informed by marketing and business strategy considerations.


“…The breadth of her design practice, the quality of her work and the recognition she has received through important awards and exhibitions mark Ms. Avrish as one of Israel’s top designers, and indeed, as a designer who ranks among the best in the world. Ms. Avrish is also at the forefront of the current movement in industrial design in which design concept is driven not only by esthetic and ergonomic consideration, but also by strategic communication objectives of the producer.”  Oscar Coli, a member of the Board of directors of the Italian Association of Industrial Design and Chief Editor of Reed Business Information S.P.A. (Italy), a European publisher of trade publication.


Dana established D.A. Studio in Israel more than ten years ago. Through D.A. Studio, she has served a broad range of Israeli and European clients. In 2005, Dana Avrish established a branch company: DaCar Design, specializing in automotive design. Through DaCar she designed a prototype for a 4x2 off-road desert buggy vehicle, for which she won a prestigious prize for the design’s conceptual innovation from the Israel Ministry of Commerce. Her design was later featured in a major exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, one of the country’s leading art museums. Subsequently, Dana Avrish provided automotive design services to leading international automobile manufactures Volvo and Alfa-Romeo. Her authority as an automotive designer led to her selection to write a regular weekly column on automotive design for The Marker - the automotive section of Ha’Aretz, one of Israel’s leading daily newspapers.


In an intensely competitive market, with ever more diverse and demanding customers, executives are often left unsure of exactly what products, communications and services to develop for what segments of the market.  DA Studio’s service to clients begins with initial strategic and conceptual design, and continues through to the detailed implementation of production. DA Studio’s methodology integrates the essential aspects of esthetics, human factors, technical factors and business factors at every step.


“Unlike the work of most designers, Ms. Avrish’s designs are not driven exclusively by esthetic or ergonomic considerations, but also by client communications objectives. Fascinated by Ms. Avrish’s futuristic concepts, I later engaged her design services for one of my companies. Ms. Avrish developed a new line of tool boxes for Z.A.G., creating a new strategic concept that refreshes the market’s existing products.”  Zvi Yemini, Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Z.A.G. Industries of Rosh HA-ayin, a subsidiary of Stanley Works, Inc. 


Dana Avrish also was a finalist in the prestigious Nike International Competition for Innovation in Football: her design for ‘Nike On Air,’ a wear-around neck set featuring a radio relaying a play-by-play account from an in-stadium station to its wearers, was exhibited in the DesignMai festival in Berlin in May 2006. She won a national competition in Israel sponsored by the Academy of Interior Design for her design of an urban structure for trash containers. Dana Avrish has served in the critical capacity of architectural designer on prominent hotel projects, including the Karpaz Bay Resort, Cyprus, Tel Aviv Hilton and Estancia Vik boutique hotel, Uruguay.


In addition to her prolific work as a designer, Dana’s professional activities have include  lecturing on interior design at Shenkar Academy of Art in Ramat-Gan, Israel, and at Ben Gurion University, lecturing at cultural events on architecture and design, and appearing in television programs as a design expert.


“…I met Ms. Dana Avrish in April 2006 at Light & Building, an important lighting fair in Frankfurt, Germany…from our meeting, I was fascinated by Ms. Avrish’s b and original ideas for lighting elements. Ms. Avrish’s approach considered much more than aesthetics and functionality …Because of Ms. Avrish’s unusual ability to encompass strategic considerations within her projects, I have eagerly engaged Ms. Avrish’s participation in several hotel design projects with an Israeli hotel operator and investor for a resort hotel project in Cyprus, Karpaz Bay Resort. I asked Ms. Avrish to join our group working on this project…” Sinan Kafadar, Architect, Metex Design Group (Istanbul , Turkey)